Climate Change & Peak Oil

Climate Change

We at Synergy Southwell are not climatologists, but some of us come from a scientific background and as such we take a scientific view of the world based on evidence and data.

The overwhelming majority of global climate science opinion supports the premise that anthropomorphic (man-made) climate change is a reality.

We have a duty to future generations to take steps today to limit the damage caused by our profligate use of natural resources, resulting, in part,  in out-of-control greenhouse gas emissions and the threat to climate stability.

Climate science is of course a complex business and there is an ongoing history of climate change going back through time. There are also many causes of historical climate change but there is little doubt of the role played by the greenhouse effect.

Here is a good overview of the history of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Peak Oil

Undeniably oil is a finite resource. The premise of peak oil is that  at some time we will reach the point where oil production slides into decline due to depletion.Many experts believe that this point of peak oil is imminent.

The graph below shows how the peak of conventional oil discovery was reached in the 1960s, and how production demand continues to increase as more and more developing nations grow their infrastructure and industry.

Again, we at Synergy Southwell are not experts on the global oil industry but the graph above is compelling. At some point in the near future oil production will peak and start to decline.

You can learn more about peak oil here .

By building resilient communities we can alleviate some of the worst affects of peak oil and climate change. This is what Synergy Southwell is about – building an energy-resilient Southwell.


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